You are invited to join us this Saturday for our Community Garage Sale.
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Community Garage Sale

Saturday, October 1st

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The picnic and civic league meeting was a success. Thanks to everyone who helped put that together.  If you took pictures and would like those to be posted on our website, please send those to me at:, or, you can post those directly on our new website.


Community Garage Sale

Our Community Garage Sale is set for October 1st!  It will run from 8 AM until 4 PM.  If you would like to participate, please respond here or call 757-363-0652.  Please leave your name, address and phone number.  I will drop off information packets, along with participant lists. These lists can be handed out to shoppers, to push them through the neighborhood to other sales.  In addition, the sale will be posted on social media sites and signs will be posted on Northampton and Independence Boulevards.

A Quick Quiz (1 question)

There's much confusion about how to navigate the intersection of Cullen Road and Independence Blvd. Take this quick, one question quiz to see if you know the correct answer.  Results will be posted in an upcoming newsletter and on our new website.
You can take the quiz on the homepage of our website, or go directly to the Google form here.
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